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F.O.S.T.A is an organisation aimed at young girls of all ethnicities aged between 10 and 24. It’s sole purpose is to create a safe, nurturing environment for them provided by ladies aged between 25 to 35. We feel we live in an age where girls are exposed to unfiltered content whether via social media, peers, television and even radio. It’s also a time where parents are getting younger and younger, parents are working longer hours making it very difficult to monitor what things are influencing the impressionable minds living under the same roof as them. Having “been there and done that” we are very aware of how advice given by mothers and much older relatives or even teachers can be received in an over the head type of way. Also of some of the issues that are rarely, if ever discussed and yet affected us in our day-to-day lives even now, such as self validation, finances and healthy relationships with both sexes to name a few. We also want to create a global support network for every young woman in the world. There to support when they are pushing a cause, help with looking for a job or placement, celebrating their successes and encouraging them in their lowest moments of self-doubt. It’s a sisterhood that will offer all the above and more.


F.O.S.T.A will hold 1 day seminars twice a year in March, July and a weekend in October. These seminars will have a range of speakers covering an array of topics that affect girls and women today. We will also have workshops encouraging team building, positive communication and good clean fun! These will happen all over the world, in different countries, cities and neighbourhoods. All hosted by Big Sisters who volunteer their time for the enrichment of our future female generations. We especially want to give the girls a wealth of positive female role models not only the ones that are famous but also the achievers in finance, business, health care and even education. This is about exposing our Little Sisters to a whole world of success stories that may not make it to television or the big screen but are none the less great & inspiring. Our website will be a constant hub of activity with articles, blurbs and an opportunities section which is provided by any of our members to help give a look in for the other members.


The Big Sisters in F.O.S.T.A are young ladies aged between 25 and 35 from any background. These are young women who have gone through both the greatest and hardest times in life, coming together to share their life experiences and lessons to those coming up behind them. We believe that ambition is both inspiring and contagious. When you’re surrounded by hardworking, focused people you adopt that ethic too. This is the impact our Big Sisters aim to make. Outside of the seminars they will contribute articles with words of encouragement on our website that will be viewed by F.O.S.T.A members all around the world.

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