Financial Discipline

Financial discipline – having financial goals and sticking to what needs to be done in order to achieve those goals. This could look like short-term sacrifices for long-term benefits e.g. cutting back on social spending to save up for something more important or allocating specific amounts to specific goals and not going beyond a set budget. […]

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Stop trying to keep up with the Jones’

Financial integrity – Having the capability to meet financial obligations and actually meeting them when it is the time to do so. Anyone who has ever been late in paying a bill or paying off a debt will tell you that sometimes it is not the fact that they are unable to make a payment towards […]

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Money Mondays with Noreen

We are SO excited to launch F.O.S.T.A Money Mondays with Noreen. At a time where what you have to show now, at this very second on social media is taking priority, saving, investing or forward planning is often left at the wayside. It’s not to say having pretty things is a bad thing (who doesn’t […]

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