The One Thing Missing From Your LinkedIn Profile

Despite the tough economy, there’s Still plenty of the cool positions out there for the ambitious and goal-oriented. Job hunting can be daunting and well…the opposite of fun. One of the burdens of trying to make yourself stand out is writing. Employers receive and review hundreds, sometimes thousands, of resumes daily. LinkedIn, among the popular resources for job hunting and professional networking, is a good place to start.

Assuming you’re on top of things with an active and updated LinkedIn profile, here’s the one thing from an employer’s perspective, that can take your profile from wacky to winning!

Wait for it…


We’ve all been told to keep our resumes down to one-page. This is because employers don’t have time to fully read them. With LinkedIn though, you can create elaborate professional profiles. Regardless, employers will spend about the same amount of time on your profile as they would with a hard copy of your resume. Besides editing your LinkedIn profile to be similar to your resume, adding media can grab and hold a prospective employers’ attention.

LinkedIn Career Expert Catherine Fisher says, “The more visually appealing a profile is, the better.”

Scour your resume for what you consider your greater accomplishments then find physical evidence of those moments to link to your resume. New career advice and job search site The Muse says:

“You just need to pick out one (to start) that can be represented visually.” This means getting a little crafty, ladies!”

For example, if you presented a jawbreaking PowerPoint,  link the file to your profile.

How? It’s pretty simple, actually. When logged in LinkedIn, push the “edit” button to get in editing mode, click the “add media” option underneath the position you want to link media to. Add a catchy title and description, hit “save” (definitely don’t forget to do that!) and voila! You just gave your profile the come-up it needs to get you the come-up you desire!

You’re welcome.

Originally posted on Written by Brittney Chase – Brittney L. A. Chase is a Daily Editor at Jawbreaker. She’s also a fab wife and mother.

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