The Martyr Syndrome

The martyr syndrome

It’s noble to be kind and to financially support others where you can. But do not sacrifice yourself at the altar of kindness and forget about your own goals and dreams. Many have put their lives on hold as they focus solely on supplying the needs of those around them. Though not always the case, sometimes doing this does more harm than good. It is better to solidify your income generating systems and focus on empowering yourself before you focus on lending a helping hand to others. From the angle of sowing and reaping, if you sow and do not reap, you’re a slave. And if you reap and do now sow, you’re a thief.

Neither of these are desirable positions. Whatever you do, make sure you are in a position to help yourself so you can support others out of your abundance and not out of your need.

Sindiso “Sindi” Muhlwa

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