Pregnancy and mental health: the hidden pain of giving birth

Opinion The range of mental health problems experienced around pregnancy and childbirth is vast and often isn’t spoken about. Here, we share your stories  Magda, a 29-year-old software developer, regularly fends off questions about when she will have her first child. Coming from a close-knit family and having been with her boyfriend for a decade, […]

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Every week FOSTA will salute a “#FOSTAtypeofgirl”, a fosta type of girl is someone who we find inspiring and simply must be celebrated . If you know someone who you think deserves to be here please email us at F.O.S.T.A salutes Bongi Mdluli. We were soo deeply moved by her testimony. This here is a […]

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FOSTA- “I wish I was told challenge”

We at FOSTA believe that it is very important for women to come together to help each other grow. No matter what race, ethnicity, religion you are- you could actually be an important part of another woman’s personal growth. Of course most women have family and friends around them who can advise them about certain […]

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