Money does not obey people

Money does not obey people, it obeys laws & principles…
1. The law of sowing and reaping – you get back what you put in. The popular saying, “Garbage in garbage” rings true. To reap the monetary results you want you must be willing to put in the time, work and resources required. If you are strategic, you do not have to work hard, just smart.
2. The law of giving and receiving – to get the value you want out of anything you must be willing to give something of equal value or more. Many expect much but give little in terms of time or resources. But it’s important to note that as much as we have the capacity to give value, we should develop the capacity to receive value because we have worked for it and we deserve it. There are many people who do not get rewarded what they are worth. This is not because they have not given or delivered valuable services, products or results, but because they have not increased their capacity to receive what they desire and deserve or are not confident enough to ask for what they want. Giving and receiving requires confident in self.
3. The law of multiplication – the basic idea of this law is repeated addition. Addition is growth but multiplication is repeated addition which equals faster growth. For this law to work one should develop a mind-set of investment rather than spending. Spending subtracts value whereas investment multiplies it, sometimes exponentially.

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