Lack of vision and clarity about 3 important things

Lack of vision & clarity about 3 very important things.
The mind is a battlefield. We are constantly confronted with experiences that challenge our thought processes and positivity. Money mind-set mastering requires us to CONSTANTLY ask ourselves:

1. What is my financial purpose?
2. What is my financial plan?
3. What is my financial future?

Being conscious and intentional about these sets us up for success even when we faces opposition. It is important to understand how to divide and treat each of these components for financial
success. If you do not reward yourself you will feel demoralized and feel like you are working for nothing. If you do not look after your needs and those of your loved ones you
risk straining your relationships or foregoing important things you need like good nutrition, safety or health and wellness. And finally, if you do not invest in yourself or your goals and
your dreams, you have no way of making money work for you and you remain in the cycle of working for money for the rest of your life.

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