A jewel that shines from a million facets

I would not want to take centre stage with the declaration that I am a feminist, because personally, I have learned where it is that I need to shine (and indeed outshine) with my God-given talents and potentials and where it is that I need to recognise the strength of the opposite sex and let them shine and yet I recognise that it is each woman’s duty to be a voice for another. I am also a Christian so the scriptures do weigh in predominantly on my stance. So I don’t know what that makes me! I do however boldly declare that like every woman out there, I am a masterpiece, a one off jewel. I believe God makes deposits. Any deposits that I discover within me will be brought forth without bars. And this is my hope for every other woman out there.

In a world where culture and religion sometimes pits woman against men in a battle for equality we often forget that the biggest battle is within the woman. Any nation in the world can wake up and declare gender equality, and yet the woman may not appreciate or understand what is deposited in her and how or where to take her place. And so to me there are two different angles here; within and out with the woman. I believe every woman is at the forefront of one of these angles. Can you inspire the next woman to develop a talent or passion? I don’t mean write a ‘to do’ list and pass it on. I mean look at those around you and notice where you can make a contribution to allow them to in turn make a contribution. Investments are made in so many ways and its time we think outside the box! I believe in talents and gifts. Words that are often used to describe the extraordinary or things that only come about once in a while and yet it’s also the simple things. Look at it this way, consistently baking a red velvet cake to mouth-watering perfection with ease is definitely a gift. I have failed miserably on a few attempts and I have concluded it is a gift. Some women have an intuition for the right spices with the right stews.  You may not be plastered on the front of The Herald with your views of feminism, but you can call your neighbour, and let her know she makes a heck of an apple pie, and the local coffee shop is looking for local bakers. That’s a potential mini cookbook sitting within or an eBook cookbook. If your sister-in-law shares the same passion, great! You can both be contributors to a collective food forum. It could even turn out to be a neighbourhood baking class. You may not need to be there for a fellow woman’s complete journey but if every woman recognised her inner gift, there would be different helpers along each individual journey. Each woman has a unique ability that if developed can bring forth a contribution that will well up satisfaction and happiness and I don’t think we need to look far. We need to look within. First of all, let’s recognise that what is within you, can make room for you. What is in your hand? The journey may require courage, vulnerability and take a few twists and turns but you’re equipped for the first step. Let the next woman know.

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