Every week FOSTA will salute a “#FOSTAtypeofgirl”, a fosta type of girl is someone who we find inspiring and simply must be celebrated . If you know someone who you think deserves to be here please email us at :)


F.O.S.T.A salutes Bongi Mdluli. We were soo deeply moved by her testimony. This here is a definition of a STRONG WOMAN. Miss Bongi wrote “I am a 8 years cancer survivor; I signed my own consent form for amputation; it took two weeks to learn to learn to walk on crutches because I hated the wheelchair wholeheartedly; I wrote my exams whilst I was on chemo treatment; i comforted my parents when they saw my life fade away ; even when half the world mocked me i stood strong because they never made me. Today at the age of 21 I have saved lives. I have made people believe that God is real and the devil is a liar. I believe in myself I have self love. I al confident I have accepted myself. I will not wear an artificial leg, it does not define the real Me. The real me is a woman with one leg and with one leg she is able to wear what she wants whenever she wants. I don’t leave to please anyone, so in that matter I shall be realistic to the world and with the way I look physically I shall save those who think they have problems when they haven’t had real problems” …Wow we are soo deeply moved by your story. You an amazing, strong and inspirational woman. Many of us complain about our lives on a daily and fail how to realise how good we have it. Bongi Mdluli… FOSTA salutes you! #fosta #fostasalute#fromonesistertoanother #inspired #strength #courage #amazing #beautiful #strong #woman


As a human we are receptive creatures and we absorb everything thats around us. Intentional and subliminal. Negative and positive.

We want to recognise a beautiful woman who is an inspiration to us all. She decided to put all her feelings out and ask for help. She recognised her need and showed bravery in asking for help. It takes a big person with conviction and humility to take a step and do #FOSTA would like to salute this lovely lady instagram: empress_onyeka being a #fostatypeofgirl and fighting a fight that most girls fight throughout their lives and losing 13 pounds! #keeppushingmama #fostatypeofgirl #beinspired #beautifullady #healthylifestyle #fit #gym #eatcleantraindirty


We received a nomination from a sister wanting to salute the above lady- Dalitso.This lady here is 26, married, graduated in Politics whilst being a mother to 4 kids. The sister would like to commend your hard work and consistency. This great woman has her own business called Charrocouture where she designs and sells baby and kids clothes like adorable Tutu outfits. She is steadily gaining popularity in Zambia supplying wedding outfits for flower girls. She is a God fearing woman and no matter how tough the going gets she’s always pushing herself. Miss Dalitso we salute you darling!

It is so inspiring to see a woman doing so much and not letting life get in the way. We are sure that even to your children, as they watch you reach for your dreams they are extremely inspired. What a superwoman!


From one sister to two amazing twin sisters.We received an email from a sister nominating two lovely ladies by the name of Anesu instagram: @anesumkushi and Kiki Mkushi. Anesu, graduated from university of Edinburg in England with an honours degree in Biological sciences and is now studying in Grenada to be a medical doctor. An aspiring paediatrician who has is passionate about medicine. Kiki, an amazing writer who graduated with BA in English literature from Cardiff university and is now studying toward an MA in Creative writing. She is an amazing writer and has a blog on WordPress that expresses her deepest and innermost thoughts on life, her Christianity and her faith. The sister who nominated them says these girls have inspired her so much and they put their all into everything they do.
We are inspired by these amazing ladies who are following their dreams and doing well with their studies. FOSTA salutes you!
#FOSTA #FOSTAsalutes #FOSTAtypeofgirl #inspired #education #twins

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