Lack of vision and clarity about 3 important things

Lack of vision & clarity about 3 very important things. The mind is a battlefield. We are constantly confronted with experiences that challenge our thought processes and positivity. Money mind-set mastering requires us to CONSTANTLY ask ourselves: 1. What is my financial purpose? 2. What is my financial plan? 3. What is my financial future? […]

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Build confidence through powerful results

Build confidence through powerful personal results… Confidence comes through taking positive results-driven actions on a daily basis. Doing nothing with your mind, your skills or your ideas will not produce financial success of any kind. The more of your goals you accomplish, the more confident you become and the more confident you become the more […]

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Money does not obey people

Money does not obey people, it obeys laws & principles… 1. The law of sowing and reaping – you get back what you put in. The popular saying, “Garbage in garbage” rings true. To reap the monetary results you want you must be willing to put in the time, work and resources required. If you […]

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Without YOU money is nothing

Let me repeat… Without YOU money is nothing. The end goal for money that comes into our hands weekly, monthly and annually is not that we should work for it but that it should work for us. Understand that money is a tool to fulfil your purpose. This takes us back to being absolutely clear […]

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The Martyr Syndrome

The martyr syndrome It’s noble to be kind and to financially support others where you can. But do not sacrifice yourself at the altar of kindness and forget about your own goals and dreams. Many have put their lives on hold as they focus solely on supplying the needs of those around them. Though not […]

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Financial Purpose

Financial purpose – once you have achieved your financial goals, what do you want to use the money for? If the acquisition of money is your only goal, you may want to re-evaluate what your purpose, life mission or your vision is. To have wealth and no purpose for it can be as soul-destroying as […]

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Financial Discipline

Financial discipline – having financial goals and sticking to what needs to be done in order to achieve those goals. This could look like short-term sacrifices for long-term benefits e.g. cutting back on social spending to save up for something more important or allocating specific amounts to specific goals and not going beyond a set budget. […]

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Stop trying to keep up with the Jones’

Financial integrity – Having the capability to meet financial obligations and actually meeting them when it is the time to do so. Anyone who has ever been late in paying a bill or paying off a debt will tell you that sometimes it is not the fact that they are unable to make a payment towards […]

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Money Mondays with Noreen

We are SO excited to launch F.O.S.T.A Money Mondays with Noreen. At a time where what you have to show now, at this very second on social media is taking priority, saving, investing or forward planning is often left at the wayside. It’s not to say having pretty things is a bad thing (who doesn’t […]

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