Pregnancy and mental health: the hidden pain of giving birth

Opinion The range of mental health problems experienced around pregnancy and childbirth is vast and often isn’t spoken about. Here, we share your stories  Magda, a 29-year-old software developer, regularly fends off questions about when she will have her first child. Coming from a close-knit family and having been with her boyfriend for a decade, […]

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A jewel that shines from a million facets

I would not want to take centre stage with the declaration that I am a feminist, because personally, I have learned where it is that I need to shine (and indeed outshine) with my God-given talents and potentials and where it is that I need to recognise the strength of the opposite sex and let […]

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Like a girl and proud

“You throw like a girl; you run like a girl; you drive like a girl”.For as long as I remember the term ‘like a girl’, has been seen as an insult. My question is why this term an insult to us women?. What exactly is wrong with doing something like a girl? Well we have […]

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