We are a newly formed international sisterhood with the vision of providing a ‘Sister’ for all ladies young and old in every sense of the word. An ear to listen, a crystal ball to see what is possible, a cheer squad for your achievements, a diary for your secrets and a donkey to kick your behind when you need that extra bit of encouragement. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year you have a sister always there at your disposal.

We strongly believe your netwoRK is directly linked to your networTH. So we decided to build a global network of sisters from all walks of life with the common interest of loving, encouraging and uplifting a fellow sister whatever way they can. Even if she is half way across the world. So come as you are, you're exactly who F.O.S.T.A® was made for. You and you and especially you.


We are you! Haha well it is important for us especially at this stage to not have a face for F.O.S.T.A as we want to take away the element of a popularity club or people ‘’following’’ purely because of who is at the front of the conga line. We want every girl to join because they believe in the vision. Believe they can gain and give to the cause. So many of our friends don’t even know exactly who is behind our collective. So its been great and encouraging to see their interaction thus far without knowing this is being pushed by someone they speak to everyday!

We live in a world where we are constantly coerced to buy into a brand because of who it is endorsed by, when often they have no true belief in what they are about. We welcome anyone who wants to champion our cause however this isn’t about 1 person. This is about us as females. As a collective.

Our mission & vision

To create a global network of sisters who receive and give support to others through the challenges of life.

The story behind F.O.S.T.A

``After a messy and heartbreaking break up to the first guy I ‘loved’, I had quit my job and was staying at my sister’s house out of town. I found myself in a downward spiral of sadness. The idea of life going on seemed like a very distant and impossible reality. A usually driven individual I lost the will to make an effort with just about anything. Then my sister, probably the strongest person I know because of her eventful life, had a very stern sit down with me. She spoke to me in such a way that no one else had, especially during my fragile state. There was a touch of compassion but a whole load of home truths from her past experiences and as a sister. It was what i needed to hear as much as I didn’t want to hear it.

I then had a very new friend who offered me a place to stay to help her with rent and give me a new environment. Then, her friend told me of a part time job offering where she had just got a job so i applied. Fast forward 5 years, a landlady, in a brilliant career, a job I love and loving me even in the quiet moments, I looked back on where i came from and what my turning point was. that conversation really gave me the kick up my behind to set my life right and see the best in what life had to offer.

Now, I don’t know where I would be if she hadn’t spoken to me that day, or taken up this new friend of mine’s offer to stay with her. Perhaps I would have made it through, maybe not. However, I am eternally grateful to all those women. Sisters through blood and lipgloss. They all contributed, in their own way to the story of my life. I then thought, there are some girls, women out there not lucky enough to have access to someone who can give them the advice or encouragement they may need at a pivotal time in their lives. They showed me love, from one sister to another. And on that day F.O.S.T.A® was born.``