A letter to a Sister


A  letter to a Sister

Dear sister, I love you and I have your best interests at heart. I need you to make just four promises to yourself for Me! You know I’m passionate so this is a bit long so bare with me

1) I promise to love myself flaws and all – the stretch marks, the cellulite, the weight gain, the acne etc- i want you to know that all those things you worry about are all natural. We ALL suffer from them or have suffered from them at one point or another . No one and I mean no one is perfect ladies. Just try your best to be healthy but above all.. Love yourself!!
2) I promise to value myself.. Now this here is a sensitive topic for most ladies.. Most of us have gone through a period or are going through a period were we are selling ourselves short, especially when it comes to the opposite sex!!! This sounds like a cliche but YOU teach people how to treat you. What you put up with now, you will always have to put up with. I want you to take a good look at yourself… Do you see how beautiful you are? Do you see just how much you have accomplished??? You are a phenomenal woman! Why are you letting a him treat you like you are garbage??… Listen…I’m talking to you because I’ve been THAT girl.. I’ve been that girl who would go  above and beyond to make a man love me, to impress him, to make him not leave me. And believe you me it wasn’t worth it, HE wasn’t worth it! There is someone out there who will treat you like the Queen that you are just wait.. Just wait! And whilst you’re waiting focus on you. Work on being a better you! A wise man once said to me “build your empire and watch them crawl” and believe you me, they are crawling. Don’t envy others people’s relationships/ marriages- firstly you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, secondly everyone has a different destiny. We get blessed with different things at different times
3) I promise to work hard and reach for my goals.. I know it’s hard.. Whatever your goals are.. Whether it’s school/ uni, your career, being a mother, running a business etc. Don’t you dare envy women who are at the club every other day and “turning up”
whilst you’re working hard… Because your time will come. And the difference is unlike most of these other women, you will actually have something to celebrate!!
4) I promise to keep the right kind of people around me. Bad company corrupts good character. Believe it or not, you start being like the people you hang around and sometimes you’re not even aware that you’re changing. I used to hang around “mean girls”, because in my head being a mean girl was cool. I look back and I really don’t like the woman I was when I had those
people around me!! Ladies it’s so much easier being nice to each other! Men are great but I really love being around my girls. It’s also important to be around people who help you grow and have your best interests at heart.. Nowadays I’m very quick to hit that delete button..I just can’t be bothered having those friends who actually don’t like you.. You know the friends I mean.. A) The ones who envy you/or are jealous of things you have/how you look etc.. You’re meant to be my friend.. Why are you not happy for me?.. B)The friends who only call you when they need something or are very self centred and every conversation is about them C) the friends who don’t seem to be doing anything to progress in life D) Friends who don’t support your dreams

BMake these promises to yourself and watch your life be as beautiful as you are!- CN

From One Sister To Anothe

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