Welcome to F.O.S.T.A. We are a newly formed international sisterhood with the vision of providing a ‘Sister’ for all ladies young and old in every sense of the word.

Become a member of FOSTA and became part of something life changing


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Become a member of FOSTA and became part of something life changing.

You are welcome to become a member of F.O.S.T.A and join our sisterhood full of wonderful, supportive women from all walks of life.
And the best part is that its Free to register!

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FAB: From a brother

FAB: From a brother

From a Brother: As much as we love our sisters theres so much to be learnt from the men we live alongside. This is the home of open letters, spoken word and encouragement from brothers near and far.

Sister Sofa

Sister Sofa

Sister Sofa: We all go through things that we may not want to discuss with friends or family yet none the less would like to bounce off another person or 2 or 3. Well take a seat and let us, sisters both near and far try to help you as best we can.

Got something you need to talk to someone about? We are hear to help.

A global support network of sister looking out for one another Unity makes stronger